If you’re a small business owner already using Receipt Bank, you may see the software simply as a receipt scanning app that lets you keep track of receipts easily.  While it definitely excels in that respect, this accounting app can do more than just scan in your receipts.

It’s a Mini Back Up Storage
As Receipt Bank stores all the receipts and invoices that you put into the app, you can rest assured that those documents are both safe from prying eyes and also there if your physical copies get destroyed. Receipt Bank stores all your data for 7 years according to global tax authorities, so the app actually works as a backup in case the worst happens.

It Allows for Co-Branding
Keeping your brand front and center is important in every aspect of your business. If you have clients or customers who log in to Receipt Bank to send you invoices, you can co-brand completely free. This means the first thing your clients see when they log in is your logo, so they never forget who they’re doing business with.

It Sends an SMS Invite
You can invite your clients to invoice you through Receipt Bank, but you want that invitation to be as easy as possible. Receipt Bank’s SMS Invite function is coveted for its simplicity. The app sends a unique download link through text message. All your clients need to do is fill in login details, and they can easily invoice you, all while making sure that all your receipts are stored and secure.

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