COVID 19 Resources

Reconciled is committed to supporting our small business and entrepreneurial communities through this uncertain time. Below are resources that have been made available.  

Reconciled is proud to be a 100% remote firm, well equipped to help businesses navigate this global crisis. 
Here are some of the resources available from Reconciled:

For businesses seeking financial support: Reconciled is supporting guidance on the navigation of SBA emergency financing.

For businesses struggling with financial navigation: FREE CFO advisory. Please email to schedule a free 20 min CFO consult.

For businesses cutting expenses: Reconciled is offering temporary accounting support with month-to-month terms as a cost effective substitute for furloughed in-house staff.

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For businesses with increased accounting activity: Reconciled is offering expedited onboarding at no charge to support AP/AR and other accounting needs.

Thank you to our partners for their support

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