You know the old adage “time is money.” It’s never more true than when you’re running a small business.

Managing the money that comes in and goes out can take up valuable hours, especially if you’re using a desktop accounting program – and even more so if you’ve held onto a paper-based or spreadsheet system.  

The good news is that QuickBooks Online is simple to set up and can help you spend more time on the projects that move your business forward. We’ve put together a list of just a few of the ways QuickBooks Online can save you time (and money): 

You can work from anywhere. If you’re waiting in line or at the doctor’s office, you can easily open your mobile application and work. You can do things like send invoices and manage your accounts – right from your phone.

You can spend less time on data entry.  If you link QuickBooks Online to your bank accounts, it can automatically download your bank statements and credit card transactions and categorize them correctly. 

You can authorize up to five users. This means that multiple people – including your bookkeeper or accountant – can access your books, check to make sure they’re done correctly, and keep them up to date. You don’t have to pay for each additional user (unless you have more than five).

All those little blocks of time add up, and streamlining your bookkeeping process could save you hours in the long run. 

If you’re considering starting a QuickBooks Online account or struggling to keep up with your books, let us know. We can help get your finances up to date.