The Partial Purchase Orders feature of Quickbooks Online allows users to create purchase orders for both the “Accounts” and “Items” tabs to keep their finances and inventory reconciled. 

With the “Items” tab used for inventory and the “Accounts” tab used for expenses that add directly to Profit and Loss, businesses can receive partial shipments while keeping the order open until back-ordered items are filled. The partial purchase orders feature saves you time. It also saves a lot of headaches trying to keep track of what you have and haven’t received from a variety of vendors. 

Here’s how the partial purchase order works. First, you create a Vendor Bill, Check, or Expense form. After they are created you can add a bill to them. With the Partial Order feature, you can either choose to make it a complete order or a partial order. If you are dealing with a backorder, it will show a back-ordered quantity and open balance for inventory items. 

From the Partial Purchase Order page, you can also reconcile your inventory and make sure that all items have been delivered. Once they have been received, you can finally close this purchase order. 

This feature may seem confusing at first. Especially if you are not used to working with back-ordering from vendors. Before the partial purchase order feature existed, they could not be recorded in Quickbooks. The ability to keep an inventory order partially filled and open is just one of the many little features that make Quickbooks Online so helpful for business owners. If you need some more help using Quickbooks or any other accounting software, contact us today.